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Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea MC Fullflex D20 + MC 12 - 2023/24
Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea - 2023/24
Skibindungen Stoeckli MC 12 Fullflex Black - 2024/25
Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea MC Fullflex D20 + MC 12 - 2023/24
Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea - 2023/24
Skibindungen Stoeckli MC 12 Fullflex Black - 2024/25
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Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea MC Fullflex D20 + MC 12 - 2023/24

  • Plate: MC Fullflex D20
  • Bindings: MC 12

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Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea MC Fullflex D20 + MC 12 - 2023/24
Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea MC Fullflex D20 + MC 12 - 2023/24
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Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea - 2023/24
Ski Stoeckli Laser SC Orea - 2023/24 (1 paar)
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Skibindungen Stoeckli MC 12 Fullflex Black - 2024/25
Skibindungen Stoeckli MC 12 Fullflex Black - 2024/25 (1 paar)
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Platte Stoeckli MC Fullflex D20 - 2023/24
Platte Stoeckli MC Fullflex D20 - 2023/24 (1 paar)

Unique in design, proven in terms of skiing performance – that’s what the Laser SC Orea’s all about. Equipped with dark racing sidewalls and a slightly softer wood core, this ski provides a sporty as well as a leisurely and comfortable ride. The true all-rounder amongst piste skis. And what’s more, it’s a real eye-catcher. The colours, the unique top sheet – which consists of two different surfaces – and the elegant bamboo inserts give the ski a top-notch look, enough to quicken the pulse of any ski fan.



Stöckli – made in Switzerland

Dear Stöckli customers, Our history began back in 1935 when Josef Stöckli started out by making a solid ash ski at his parent’s carpentry shop in Wolhusen, Switzerland. More than 80 years later, you can still experience our passion, and you can sense our many years of experience in ski construction in every handmade ski. Just as we did then, we do not make any compromises when it comes to quality, materials or performance. The search for perfection drives forward our sports-obsessed development team. And in our manufacturing facility in Malters, our ski engineers invest heart and soul daily so we can build first-class products for you. We share this mutual passion for sports with our customers. And this passion is what unites us all into one unique Stöckli community. I hope you will enjoy discovering the world of Stöckli.

~Marc Gläser, CEO Stöckli Swiss Sports AG



Stöckli skis are unique pieces made from premium materials, such as wood, bamboo or carbon fiber, handcrafted chiefly in the heart of Switzerland. Our associates at the manufacturing facility in Malters near Lucerne complete every step of production themselves. That creates the best foundation for our international success and for the pleasure of skiing you experience yourselves with every turn.



Josef Stöckli was pretty inventive from the beginning. When he was making his first pair of skis, he was already considering how he could pare back some weight, so he fluted the surface of the ski. All his life, he was always searching for something new. In 1945, he made his first pair of laminated wood skis combining hickory and ash with screwed-on steel edges. He also experimented with gluing on celluloid edges on top. He was the first in 1957 to make metal skis, taking on an idea from Head. In 1965 Stöckli then made the first skis of plastic compounds. And, best of all: Josef Stöckli only sold skis that he himself had tested.



Since the beginning in 1935 when there was a small production line over a washbasin where 50 pairs of skis were made, Stöckli has of course progressed enormously. Ski production has remained primarily in Malters outside of Lucerne since 1986. Today, Stöckli Swiss Sports AG sells more than 70,000 pairs of ski annually. Using a combination of the most modern computer-controlled (CNC) milling machines and hand finishing, 80 associates build today’s high-tech ski products. Relying on its more than 80 years of experience and constant implementation of successful new ideas from racing and development departments, Stöckli guarantees a wide-reaching collection sure to meet the needs of every skier.



The Stöckli brand is inextricably linked with major downhill ski events and Olympic gold. On March 25, 1995, Urs Kälin brought the manufacturer its first official title when he won the giant slalom at the Swiss championships. The following year, he placed first at the World Cup race in Austria and won silver at the World Ski Championships wearing Stöckli brand skis. From that moment on, the company was a player on the global stage. A string of successes followed and, at the 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, the name Stöckli was associated with not one but five medals. Nowaday a main face of that legendary brand is Marco Odermatt who’s a serial winner of World Cup races and Crystal Globes.

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